About us

Our Company

We are a dedicated team composed of over 25 years of experience in communications.

We have a team of experts in communication management ready to intervene in any situation or emergency and provide the necessary support at all levels: provincial, municipal, corporate, small and medium sized business.

Our collaboration will meet your highest expectations.

Our points of service will welcome you in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere to enjoy a more rewarding customer experience in the comfort of our newly renovated stores that comply with the high standards and criteria specific to TELUS.

Our customer service sets us apart with our expertise in smart phones, repairs and problem solving regarding monthly plans or otherwise. Be assured that we will do everything in our power to ensure your satisfaction

Why choose us?


Our integrity

Our integrity will ensure you peace of mind that will grant you the opportunity to go about your transactions confidently.


Our expertise

Our expertise will help you remain up to date with all of the newest technologies on the market and our team will continue to guide you so that you can monitor your business and continue to grow to your expectations and meet the highest standards.

Choose Alto it is the path to success.