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Entrepreneurs, increase your efficiency!

Whether you are specialized in construction, public works, or landscaping, follow the trend in mobile business solutions and increase the productivity of your business.

Solutions for mobile workers

Agricultural facilities and herds require monitoring at all times, but you can not be everywhere at once. With remote monitoring wireless solutions, you can see everything that happens in your buildings, 24 hours on 24, from wherever you are. (Pas la bonne section du site)

Data, emails and work orders

Reach your staff on the road at any time, instantly with smart phones and ALTO’s mobile solutions. Simple and effective, these tools allow you to obtain and pass on to your workers or your subcontractor’s vital information in real time via email and instant messaging. Your communications are improving… just like your efficiency!

  • Enjoy an effective and continuous communication between all your employees
  • Have access to architectural, construction or layout plans immediately
  • Send required monthly reports in real time
  • Order supplies or materials on the spot
  • Maintain up to date employee hours worked and transfer the information to the person responsible.

Visualization of 3D plans on Tablets

This innovative tool allows your customers or your subcontractors to visualize and consult construction and architectural plans regardless of where you are. This avoids confusion and your various collaborators appreciate the quality of your presentations!

GPS vehicle tracking and distribution

Keep track of your employees, your assets and your vehicles in real time while gathering information on the ground to improve operational efficiency and at the same time, your financial results.

  • Know at all times where your employees, vehicles and supplies are
  • Reduce downtime
  • Reduce losses caused by poor maintenance of your vehicles by setting deadlines and scheduling repairs by closely monitoring mileage
  • Reduce costs associated with fuel consumption by controlling speed, downtime and inefficient routes

Mobile billing with smart phones and tablets

Through a payment application compatible with your accounting software and a mobile device, you can create customized invoices on the go and even get payments on site. You simply need to enter the digital signature of your client on the screen and send an confirmation email.

  • Increase customer satisfaction by quickly responding to their requests for quotes
  • Enhance your billing and accounting process
  • Improve your cash flow by getting paid faster
  • Reduce the number of overdue accounts payable
  • Increase your number of transactions
  • Accelerate delivery

Live remote monitoring

With ALTO’s solution of live remote monitoring, have access at any time to your site as if you were there! On the road or at home, keep sight of your equipment and your valuable building materials from your mobile device or tablet. Our cameras are robust, reliable and even resistant to bullets for incomparable peace of mind.

Your mobile device
  • Monitor your site, your materials, your tools and equipment directly, 24 hours a day
  • Watch the progress on your site
  • Determine more easily the cause of inventory loss or equipment failure
  • Get visual proof of damages that were caused by real time video
  • Cut your associated losses and expenses