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Your company wants to increase its profitability: ALTO can help you

Within one hour, an ALTO expert can analyze your procedures and see how its mobile business solutions can increase the profitability of your business. Our experts have the tools, a solid understanding of mobile applications and expertise to create a customized business solution that improves the efficiency and quality of your team’s work, your customer service and the security of your assets


By opting for ALTO’s solutions for mobile workers, your employees will be able to complete additional appointments each day… by saving time, because their work is facilitated by direct real-time access to essential administrative data! Round trips to the office are minimized and your representatives avoid wasted time and errors from transcripts of data previously collected on paper. Your productivity is increased.


Simple and effective, these tools allow you to download content to obtain real-time essential information in addition to accelerating your communications and sharing data through email and instant SMS.


This unique mobile solution facilitates scheduling and dispatching with real-time online updates. Our GPS service even allows you to locate your employees on the road so that you can easily find the nearest resource to respond to an urgent request from a client.

  • Increase the efficiency of your employees and their productivity by reducing wasted time and unnecessary travel
  • Improve the quality of your customer service
  • Reduce costs of fuel
  • Lower the cost maintenance of your vehicles
Mobile billing with smart phones and tablets

Through a payment application compatible with your accounting software and a mobile device, you can create customized invoices on the go and even get payments on site in a very secure and safe manner. You simply need to enter the digital signature of your client on the screen and send a confirmation email.

  • Increase customer satisfaction by making their life easier
  • Enhance your billing and accounting process
  • Improve your cash flow by getting paid faster
  • Reduce the number of overdue accounts payable and improve administration techniques
  • Increase your number of transactions
  • Accelerate delivery


If it is necessary or helpful for you to know at all times where your service vehicles are you will benefit from advanced technologies with ALTO’s solutions. You will improve task distribution and dispatch, productivity and reduce losses caused by poor maintenance of your vehicles.

  • Know at all times where your supplies and service vehicles are
  • Accelerate the transmission of information and details on delivery and pick-up locations
  • Optimize the movements of a client to another
  • Get real-time diagnostics on the state of your vehicles
  • Save on fuel costs and maintenance costs of your vehicles


Whether monitoring ongoing operations or monitoring equipment remotely in real time, ALTO offers a complete range of solutions that add value to your business.

  • Keep an eye on all of your installations, 24 hours a day
  • Determine more easily the cause of lost inventory or equipment failure
  • Maintain evidence of damages occurred by recording real-time video
  • Cut your losses … which directly increases your profits