Activity sectors


Imagine what doing one more delivery each day could represent.

In the transportation sector, customized business solutions are critical. ALTO favors solutions that leverage the latest technologies to improve the management of your vehicles by eliminating wasted time. This results in higher levels of efficiency, more deliveries as well as an improved operating margin.


ALTO proposes dispatch solutions and vehicle tracking GPS systems that greatly improve the management of fleets and accelerate the transmission of information and details on pickup and delivery locations…

  • Know at all times where your service vehicles and supplies are
  • Optimize travel time and distance from one client to another
  • Reduce downtime
  • Improve response time and at the same time, the quality of your customer service
  • Get real-time diagnostics on the condition of your vehicles
  • Reduce losses caused by poor maintenance of your vehicles
  • Reduce annual fuel costs

An ALTO expert can analyze with you in a one-hour meeting your process and show you how our solutions can help leverage your business.


By opting for Alto’s Smartphone and tablet solutions you can reach your drivers instantly at any time. Simple and effective, these tools accelerate your communications by enabling you to continually exchange and transmit information via email and SMS. With Alto’s smart phones and mobile solutions, there is no end to business applications!

Mobile billing with smart phones and tablets

Through a payment application compatible with your accounting software and a mobile device, you can create customized invoices on the go and even get payments on site in a very secure and safe manner. You simply need to enter the digital signature of your client on the screen and send a confirmation email.

  • Increase customer satisfaction by making their life easier
  • Enhance your billing and accounting process
  • Improve your cash flow by getting paid faster
  • Reduce the number of overdue accounts payable and improve administration techniques
  • Increase your number of transactions
  • Accelerate delivery


It is possible to see what happens … LIVE FROM WHEREVER YOU ARE!

At all times, but even more after crossing a border, your carriers are responsible for securing their trucks and safely delivering their precious cargo to the warehouse. It would be obviously useful and beneficial to observe LIVE what happens round the clock.
All you need is your tablet or smart phone. Our surveillance cameras, the best on the market that even resist bullets, help you keep in touch at all times and give you incomparable peace of mind.

  • Watch live feed from all your facilities and fleet of trucks, 24 hours a day
  • Solve more easily theft or equipment failure
  • Get visual proof of damages that were caused by a video in real time
  • Cut your losses and expenses